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1. BOX OF 5 - Wooden Test Tube Rack
2. BOX OF 144 - 8 Dram Glass Vials with Screw Cap
3. BOX OF 6 - 125 mL Glass Dropping Bottles w/Stopper
4. BOX OF 4 - Box of 250ml Amber Glass w/Stopper
5. BOX OF 15 - Test Tube w/ Side Arm
6. BOX OF 48 - 3 Dram Glass Vial 21 x 50 mm
7. BOX OF 37 - 12 mL Centrifuge Tube w/Screw Cap
8. BOX OF 64 - 2 mL Centrifuge Tubes
9. BOX OF 5 - 250mL Wide Mouth Bottle w/Stopper
10. BOX OF 7 - Plastic Test Tube Rack

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1. NITRIC ACID 67%, 500 ml
2. NITRIC ACID 64%, 500 ml
3. CORK RING 30mm X 80mm
4. CORK RING 60mm X 110mm

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Clamp, attaches to shelf (CL236)

attaches to shelf, holds tubes, burettes, etc

Our Price: $9.99 ea
Clamp, attaches to shelf

Clamp, utility, large 2.5 inch Jaws, Coated (CL250)

Large Utility Clamp, 2.5" Jaws,  Coated
Holds flasks, burettes or tubes.

Our Price: $9.49 ea
Clamp, utility, large 2.5 inch Jaws,  Coated

Clamp, Burette, Plastic, Single (CL251)

Plastic Spring Loaded Single Burette Clamp

Our Price: $6.49 ea
Clamp, Burette, Plastic, Single

Clamp, Burette, Lincoln, Double (CL255)

 Double Style Lincoln Burette Clamp

 Made entirely of stamped steel, plated finish.
Holds two burettes.

Our Price: $9.99 ea
Clamp, Burette, Lincoln, Double

Clamp, Utility, Small, Coated (CL271)

Small Utility Clamp Coated
For use with 18" rod ring stands only.
All metal, plated finish.

Our Price: $5.99 ea
Clamp, Utility, Small, Coated

Clamp, extension, small, 1/32 - 1 inch (CL300-24)

Qty. 24

Our Price: $124.80 ea
Clamp, extension, small, 1/32 - 1 inch

Clamp, utility with extension, large (CL305)

 2 1/4" Plated Metal utility Extension Clamp

Coated Jaws

Our Price: $7.99 ea
Clamp, utility with extension, large

Clamp, Extension, Large, 12 Pieces (CL305-12)

 Extension Clamp, Large, 12 Pieces

List Price: $41.40
Our Price: $28.99 ea
You Save: $12.41 (30%)
Clamp, Extension, Large, 12 Pieces

Clamp, 3 finger w/extension (CL307)

3 1/4" Three-Prong Jaw Universal Extension Clamp
Coated for holding larger glassware, condensers, etc.

Our Price: $9.99 ea
Clamp, 3 finger w/extension

Clamp Holder, Adjustable (CL311)

 Adjustable Clamp Holder 

To hold extension clamps and rings.

Our Price: $9.99 ea
Clamp Holder, Adjustable

Clamp Holder, Contort (CL315)

Clamp Contort Holder 
Connects at any angle in any plane

Our Price: $14.49 ea
Clamp Holder, Contort

Clamp, extension, 4 finger (CL675)

Four finger extension clamp, cast aluminum with cork lined jaws to hold securely.  Jaws open to a maximum of 3".  Overall length is 9.5"

Our Price: $10.99 ea
Clamp, extension, 4 finger

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