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Rainbow Jar Supplies

This project requires quite a few things but most of it is probably stuff you already have lying around your house.  To get ready for the science activity.

      A tall, see-through container


      Light corn syrup

      Dish soap {either blue like Dawn or green like Palmolive}

      Olive oil,

      Isoprobyl alcohol


      Food coloring

      A dropper

Pour a Rainbow in a Jar

Pour in the honey.  Be sure to pour it into the middle of your container ó donít let it touch the sides.

Next Pour in the corn syrup. Again,  pour it into the middle of the container, not touching the sides.

Then add the dish soap.

Pour  in regular water that we colored blue. {If youíre using blue dish soap, obviously color your water something different. Again, in the middle, in the middle!}

The olive oil goes in next. Thatís right, pour it in the middle. Also, I recommend pouring a fairly thick layer of oil ó it will come in handy for the next step.   Last but not least was the rubbing alcohol.  We colored it ó that in itself is a cool peek at different densities because the food coloring just sits at the bottom of the alcohol when you first drop it in.


BUT WAIT! DONíT POUR IT IN THE MIDDLE!   This is where the dropper comes in.  If you pour the alcohol straight in, itíll probably pick up the blue food coloring you used in the water and your rainbow will be ruined.  We found the best way to add it was dropping the alcohol along the side of the container using a dropper.  The key was  not "breaking throughĒ the oil layer into the blue water layer beneath it ó thatís why we suggested putting a thick layer of oil.

Our rainbow was done!  We held it up carefully to the light, making sure not to shake it, and admired our beautiful creation.

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