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1. Glyoxylic Acid 50% Solution, 500g
2. Double Sidearm Schlenk Filter tube
3. 60 ml Double Sidearm Schlenk Filter Tube 14/20
4. 250 ml Equalizing Pressure Addition Funnel
5. Micro-mate syringe, Popper and Sons, w/o needle 50cc
6. Micro-mate syringe, Popper and Sons, w/o needle 10cc
7. Micro-mate syringe, Popper and Sons, with needle 20cc
8. Reaction Vessels, Ace Glass, 1000ML
9. Kenics Static Mixer
10. TLC Reagent Sprayer Threaded

  • What you'll need:

    • Wide Mouth Jar
    • Pipe Cleaners
    • Food Coloring
    • Boiling Water
    • Boric Acid
    • Small Wooden Stick


    1.     Grab a pipe cleaner and make it into whatever shape you would like to use for your crystal growing. Attach the pipe cleaner to one of the wooden sticks so that it hangs down.

    2.     Boil your water and pour it into the provided glass container.

    3.     Now to the hot water add 1 tablespoon of boric acid. Stir until the mixture is dissolved, but donít worry if some of the boric acid settles at the base of the jar.

    4.     Add some of the optional food coloring if you'd like to give your snowflake a little color.

    5.     Put the pipe cleaner snowflake into the jar so that the small wooden rod or pencil is resting on the edge of the jar and the snowflake is sitting freely in the boric acid solution.

    6.     Leave the snowflake overnight and when you return in the morning you will find the snowflake covered in crystals! It makes a great decoration that you can show your friends or hang somewhere in your house.

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